Data Leakage Prevention

We investigate the internet, going after any sign of confidential data leakage. This way, we reduce reaction time and avoid compromising your company’s sensitive information.

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How do we help you fight digital risks?

We Identify

We monitor every layer of the web, 24h a day. We study and analyze fraudulent patterns to increase the speed of digital risk identification.

We Recover

When we identify a malicious site, our platform alerts the major internet providers. They will publish a warning that prevents people from accessing the suspicious site. The threat's impact is reduced even before the takedown.

We Protect Your Brand

Relay suspicious messages to your company's complaint inbox on our platform. We scan the entire message and work on threat removal at the same time.

36 hours

average time from detection to correction of the threat.

85 %

85% success rate for elimination of risks.

88 %

88% cases solved in up to 2 notifications.


Notidied Email

We use user agents to simulate access on a range of devices and identify mobile phishing actions.

We perform simulations to easily identify risks from regional activity.

We monitor domains with unicode characters, which are used to simulate official sites and trick users.

Does Securemepro have access to any internal information from my company?

No, Securemepro services only monitor threats outside your perimeter, that is, anything beyond your firewall. All information stored on our platform is public data that represents some risk to your company.

Does Securemepro offer services and support?

Yes, we make every effort to ensure that all our customers have the best experience with our Customer Success department. In addition, we have a CSIRT consisting of a Professional Services team who are specialists in Digital Risks.

Which data sources are monitored by Securemepro?

Securemepro One protects our customers from digital risks found in social networks, mobile, superficial web, deep web, marketplaces, spam email and other digital platforms. Monitoring sources may vary according to the needs of our customers.

How do I get to know the Securemepro One platform?

Fill in your contact information at our Request a Demo page and one of our specialists will contact you.