A Digital Risk Protection Company

Why Digital Risk Protection?

DRP is an operational process that combines intelligence, detection, and mitigates attacks across the external digital risk landscape. 

DRP focuses on immediately identifying and mitigating the threats that target corporate assets outside the protective walls of your network. As a result, it serves as your first line of defense for monitoring and taking down look-alike domains, avoiding malicious account takeovers, protecting the reputation and integrity of your brand and senior executives, monitoring and protecting against social media threats, and detecting data leaks.


Domain monitoring

Domain Monitor is a service allowing users to monitor the registration status of domains. The service alerts you via email to when monitored domains are nearing expiration and when they change status.


Dark Web protection

Uncover cyber threats access dark networks and messaging apps.


Data leaks

Detect compromised and personally identifiable info in one place


Social media protection

Monitor hashtags and brand-related items for Threats to brand reputation. Social media security threats (phishing, malware, spam, and personal threats)


Account takeover

Account Takeover (ATO) Protection detects and mitigates account takeover attempts, protecting your employees or customers, is exposed to account takeover.


Executive protection

DRP provides situational awareness and protection for your executive personnel. It monitors a wide range of webs and social media sources including posts, profiles, blogs, and other online content for threats to executive


Brand Protection

We collect web, domain, and social media content from a wide array of sources, filter out the noise to investigate suspicious mentions, then quickly and persistently mitigate brand abuse on your behalf.